Third set of American ‘portraits’ featuring interviewees during the USA road-trip(s): I’ve chosen to group together Florida and the Gulf (New Orleans).

Featured here, and special thanks to them (city corresponds to where I met them, not always where they’re from):

-       Hip-hop artist, Miami, self-proclaimed billionaire philanthropist

-       Amzie, New Orleans LA, snake-eyed artist

-       Bob, Magic Kingdom Orlando FL, gas clerk

-       Hip-Hop artist 2, Miami, was shafted in a music deal by Beyonce and Jay-Z

-       Clyde, New Orleans, one-man-band

-       Fabio, Miami, originally from Brazil, has lived in Miami for the last 12 years

-       George, A Shell in Florida, gas clerk and grandiloquent speaker

-       George, Miami FL, woodshop owner

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6 Responses to American Portraits, USA Road Trip: Florida and Gulf

  1. Kurt says:

    Excellent gallery!

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