Second set of American ‘portraits’ and largest from a given region visited during the USA road-trip(s): East Coast and Carolinas (list of names at bottom).

Featured here, and special thanks to them (city corresponds to where I met them, not always where they’re from):

1) Williamsburg VA and Chapel Hill NC

-       Carolyn, Chapel Hill NC, French teacher

-       Cow-boy, Chapel Hill NC, epicurean

-       Kerry, Williamsburg VA, works at hot dog shop

-       John, Chapel Hill NC, University of North Carolina undergrad

-       Jordan, Chapel Hill NC, schoolboy

-       Ruby, Chapel Hill NC, Duke undergrad

-       Steven, Williamsburg VA, (from Las Vegas), siderunner during professional runner Jason Lester’s cross-country run

2) Myrtle Beach SC

-       Britney and Kyle, Myrtle Beach SC, expecting couple

-       Jack, SC, fisher

-       Jere, Hilton Head SC, son of stone mason, sociology professor

-       Kay, Hilton Head SC, school teacher,

-       Meredith, Myrtle Beach SC, certified trainer at Olive Garden, aspiring cosmetologist

-       Shawn (Parrington), Isle of Palms SC, recently lost a family member

-       Whitney, Myrtle Beach NC, product sales manager for girl scouts

3) Allendale SC

-       Chantale, Allendale SC, diner waitress

-       Crystal and kids, Allendale SC, South Carolinian public servant

-       Deli manager, Allendale SC

-       Emily, Will and K, Allendale SC, Church volunteer

-       Hustler, Allendale SC, misses having a purpose

-       Jim Boone, Allendale SC, hunting lodge owner

-       Joanna, Allendale SC, community worker

-       Joey, Allendale SC, pastor and community worker

-       Tucker, Allendale SC, high school soccer player and Church volunteer

-       Will and Melissa, Allendale SC, soccer coach and artist

18 Responses to American Portraits, USA Road-Trip: East Coast, Carolinas

  1. Don’t know how I missed this in my reader when it was published a couple of weeks ago. Great photos, except I don’t think my wife will appreciate hers too much — :)

    Seeing these brings back fond memories of meeting you guys. Whether we are in Allendale or anywhere, you’ll always have a place to crash if you want it.

  2. laurah88 says:

    Reblogged this on librararianville and commented:
    I love this project. There are so many great portraits. Check them out!

  3. k7600k says:

    These are great portraits :)

  4. What an interesting way to view a trip — not as landmarks and scenery but the faces of everyday people along the way. And the slideshow approach works so delightfully here.

  5. Interesting project, good luck on the road…

  6. Rivenrod says:

    Very intriguing . . . I love their lovely faces. Black and white makes the images more soulful. You have a very good eye.

    Thank you,


  7. Mona says:

    I love the power in your portraits.

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