Hi all, this is ooa revo (in italics), I hope everyone is going well. The following is my friend and colleague’s first post on ooamerica – I’m confident Redrik’s voice and creative input will strike a resonant contrast with my own dull-buzzard’s de-gurgitations. In the near future we will likely experiment with combined notes and explore some new formats. Please welcome him!

As the NYPD officer hands me four, count ‘em, four fines ranging from a glamorous ‘unlicensed driving’ to the far less attractive ‘expired insurance’, I cannot help but conjure up the Strokes’ early 20th century ode to New York’s finest. The ‘blue and whites’ have failed to successfully transcribe the information from my ID and have thus baptized me Redrik, almost my name. My colleague (ooa) and I believe the officers are onto something. The prematurely-dubbed ‘legend’ of Redrik is born.

Stability is a feature of everyday life we all strive for and one we also shun as soon as routine sets in. I decided to share the road with the team here both to channel some creative energy and to escape the disappointments that have come hand-in-hand with matters of the heart. My story is no more exceptional than others; but it constitutes the emotional backdrop which will inspire my contributions here on ooamerica.

Ooamerica’s road-trip (part 2) will serve the purpose of casting aside my past misfortunes/crazy ex-girlfriends with the aim of uplifting America in these times of economic uncertainty during which the ‘pursuit’ of happiness sure seems like a cop-out now on the part of our forefathers. Rest assured though, happiness is at arms’ length. If you reside in one of America’s major urban areas, or likewise one of its off-track, quaint hamlets, or coastal havens, and if you require a hug, a conversation or a bar-side beverage, and aren’t an ex-lover of mine, we will soon be there for you, eager to share with you what makes you tick, motivates you to embrace the morning light, and what encourages you to hope for the future.

Surely that is to be found in the vast expanse of this country. Surely it is there in its nooks, crannies and crevices. In its sprawling monuments, Babel-ian skyscrapers and towering mountains. Surely there has to exist some kind of refuge for this lost heart? I thank you for the memories, which are soon to have experiences on which to base themselves. And of course a special mention to the NYPD.

My name is Redrik. And I am coming soon to a town near you. Share the road.

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6 Responses to The Diaries: Redrik’s manifesto, what’s made you wish to leave it all behind?

  1. My name is Jonas says:

    Good luck Revo and Redrik! Amazing adventure so far buddy. I hope your paths cross mine again before too long. Keep me posted~

  2. Ben Leib says:

    From the sound of the other posts, the adventure has already begun. Congrats on the driver’s license.

  3. Mona says:

    I hope that you have a fantastic journey and meet good people along the way.

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