Road Video 30 – Colorado, Boulders and Stones


Video featuring “What’s your Philosophy of Life?” interviews from Colorado, Denver, as well as Boulder and the area. Also some shots from Rocky Mountain National Park; there were plenty of other stories and sights during our stay in Colorado which unfortunately aren’t featured in this short video… Both songs by Rafael Murillo.

19 thoughts on “Road Video 30 – Colorado, Boulders and Stones

  1. Two nominations in a week! I have also nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award which will go live in a couple of hours – enjoy!

  2. Having just returned to the mountains after being away for some time, this video made me smile. Oh, Boulder hippies…now I feel at home. Thank you!

  3. Loved this! Especially the timelapse of the city moving into night, and the music slowly becoming disco.
    I’m touched by the text, by frankness of the challenges of travelling with someone, by the nitty gritty aspects of being on the road for so long. thanks.

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