This is the planned (general) itinerary for the second leg of the road-trip, which is coming up shortly! There’s wheel-room for nooks and turns, and a bit of adventure…  although the general directions are a bit more determined than the last journey, since I’m really trying to visit the states not yet seen. Feedback welcome, thanks!

Thanks for your comments / sharing on WP, Twitter and on the Facebook page! Hope we all get to share more soon.

Been mulling over the possibility of enabling Have enabled comment ratings to be able to showcase some of the nice thoughts: just to be clear, everyone’s comment deserves five stars, including yours! (what do you think?)

Will be posting more soon as the second road-trip nears, I might be accompanied by friends / team members this time around and we’ll really focus on the documentary project, while posting regular updates about the trip and the making of the movie including video clips, photos, diary entries and more. So stay tuned for the road ahead!

Last but not least, thanks to johnnyjohnsen and richwalburg for their cool mentions as well as Sally for this nice review ( – online storytelling is in its infancy and it’s an exciting time for everybody trying to figure out how to make the best of it!)

Below is a rough projection of what the overall itinerary could look like at the end of both trips (starting point A and Q is in New York, ending point V is in California):

Compiled some of the comments posted about ooamerica and thought the wordle rendition came out really well, both in shape and meaning, thank you!

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24 Responses to ooamerica USA road-trip: part 2, itinerary

  1. Chris says:

    Amazing idea! There’s not much too see in central Maryland though. When you’re on 95 between Philly and DC just keep driving haha. What you’ll miss: a putrid bay, a decrepit city, and a lot of McMansions.

  2. I left a comment on another page (the first leg?), but more applicable here. Sorry about that.

    As you travel down 95 to Savannah, please consider stopping in Allendale, SC. We moved there last year, to work with families & kids. It’s the 10th poorest county in the US. 60 – 70 years ago, it was a happening place, but like many communities along the “corridor of shame,” it’s a place of despair now, but we think there is hope.

    There is a rich cultural (including photographic and art) history here. You can read more about the area and our experience here:

    If you can work it out and the timing is right, I’d be glad to spend hours or a day with you to show you around.

    • ooa revo says:

      Hi, thanks for your comments and suggestions.

      Allendale wouldn’t be that far our of the way and I think we’ll come visit (I’ll be accompanied by a friend / colleague). It’s important for the overall project and approach that we get to see some of the harder off places in the US – and I like your mention of hope.

      If you would like to meet, know people who would have stories to share, or have any other ideas, please let me know. Thanks!

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