On this page are some numbers about the project and a list of people who nominated ooamerica for an award, as well as a wordle graph of some of the cool comments that have been posted about ooamerica, thank you everybody!


The ooamerica project April 2011-July 2012:

-       160 posts

-       45 video clips

-       400+ pictures

-       200+ pages of diaries and writing

-       60+ drawings, sketches and ooaddles


Since 2012 (about 50 posts), and counting:

-       2,000+ comments

-       3,000+ likes

-       25+ nominations for the Versatile, Creative, and other blog awards

-       6,000+ new subscribers from 120+ countries


Special thanks to the following people who nominated ooamerica for an award:

Hwan Leethomaswexler, artyelf, jericoj, thelupinelibrarian, msfredrickson, Finally Wendy Wanders, tripwheels, canoe&communications, frenchfry36, Mondrak, The Line Dropper, Bryant Simmons, southernwild, futureflyingsaucers, haphillips, happyhippierose, Honie Briggs, agirlcalledemily, kodakkerouac, themofman, Sarah Martin, whimsyink, theyearofwonderfulweekends, Martin Lack, rebekahburgess Marie Kazalia, Jill Archer, artborghi.wordpress.com and the others!

- and to TechnoSpunky, Cat Protectress, herberk, szoutwelle, Herman, Russel Ray, Waldo, jmount43, Aina Balagtas, uthamz, jazfagan, drEMiller, Imaginarium of Pau, davidniddrie, thefuture2020, nitzus, Katrina, Johnny Johnsen, narhvalur, Roanna, elaguafiestas, leshachineur, hawkdad73, westsideluxeliving, supertucksmama, johndwm, M Bradley, jasonthemessiah, hakesplace, Jo Howe, Allanah Foley, econom22 and all the others for their continued support, likes, comments, reblogs and sharing the project!

- as well as to all the others who followed and supported the project but are not named here, thanks!

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4 Responses to Testimonials and Awards

  1. Vimal says:

    Thanks for liking my post :-)


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