Travel Photos Manila, Philippines – Street Kids

Photos from Manila, Philippines, featuring various encounters with children and street kids. It’s always amazing to meet people, in this case children, who express such More »


Easter in Manila, Philippines – Travel Photos, Street Scenes

Street scenes, photos from Manila, Philippines, shot during Holy Week or Easter Week. Related posts: Philippines: Easter Week and Sex in Manila – Travel Writing More »


Everest Trek, Nepal: Sherpas, Porters and Guides – Photos and Portraits

Last week, Nepal’s deadliest avalanche claimed the lives of sixteen sherpas, with three more still missing at the time of writing, as they made their More »


Philippines: Easter Week and Sex in Manila – Travel Writing

Flying from Hong-Kong to Manila We make it to Hong Kong’s airport in order to catch our flight to Manila. And it’s Easter Week. What More »

Avenue of Stars, Hong-Kong

Travel Hong-Kong, 2-Day Visit

Skyscrapers, Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, dim sum are some of the things that we think about when we hear about Hong Kong. But, what would More »

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sparkinghope Travel Photos: Palms and Allendale

Travel photos from Isle of Palms, SC, a touristic beach, and Allendale, SC, what was once a town of passage for travelers (next up: video More »
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ooamericaintroboxdiary The Diaries: Jamestown, Myrtle, Isle of Palms: settlement, fairs, sunrise

Get to Williamsburg late and weary. Redrik wolfs a hot-dog near a picture of the world’s tallest man. Go out for some beers in the More »
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ooamericavideothumb Road Reel – Chapter 13 – What Happens Stays (Vegas)

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the-cave Painting – The Cave – 2010

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